I've added a new section to the Fun Stuff page: Our American Girl Collection. Adah, our daughter, got the Rebecca Rubin doll for Christmas from my mother, and our Kirsten Larson doll that was backordered came this week. I had pictures of Rebecca modeling the clothing that we have so I've decided to expand our web site to include this collection too.

We have a few more pictures to take and retake since we got some more clothing, a dog from Uncle Todd, my brother, and the Kirsten doll.

I also have plans to add a few more of our collections to this site, but I don't want to reveal those until I have them ready.

05/25/2010 12:03am

I can see why American Girls are such big hits among young girls; they are simply gorgeous! I stopped playing with dolls much too early and have regretted it ever since. In my middle years. Adah is one lucky child. :-)


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