My wife and I gave up on waiting for the house to be ready. The contractor is taking a long time to get back to us about when he's going to start our new living room ceiling. We decided to move back to the house, so I was finally able to take some pictures of the new items in our collection.

I posted pictures of the sets that my daughter and I gave my wife for Mother's Day. The Cycling with Mother and Village Postman set were posted in the Ready-to-Play set section of our collection, and the Scrumptious Sandwiches set was posted in the Shop Furniture and Accessories set page. I do have to say that the Scrumptious Sandwiches set is growing on me.

I also posted new and, in my opinion, better pictures of the clothing sets that I purchased a few weeks ago for my wife. These can be found on the Clothing and Accessories page of our collection. We're going to be taking pictures of critters dressed in the outfits and adding those pictures to that page within the next few days.

05/12/2010 8:09pm

I posted the pictures of the Lambrook sheep family wearing the outfits we got on the Clothing and Accessories page of our collection. They look pretty amazing; I'm quite happy that my wife thought we should collect some clothing pieces.

05/15/2010 7:03am

I just saw the Lambrooks modeling their new clothes and they look mighty spiffy! :-)


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