I have updated our collection here on the site with pictures of our daughter's Easter presents. I had to take the pictures twice because I didn't use the correct settings the first time, and I'm still not too happy with a few of them. They'll do for now though. I have also re-organized the Our Collection page into six individual pages: Families, Ready-to-Play sets, Home Furniture sets, Shop Furniture sets, Buildings, and Limited Edition sets. I'm hoping this is going to help the pages load more quickly when I'm editing them. So far, so good.

I have to say that out of our new sets, I think my favorite is the Dessert Counter set. It has such great pieces that are well detailed (of course) and just work together so perfectly that they create a stellar small set.

I have all of our rabbits (Wildwoods! Cottontails! Sparkle! Sunny-Bunny! Snow-Warrens! Blackberrys!) gathered around the farmer's cart and they look pretty nice there hanging out together.

I do have to say that I'm loving my Chantilly cat family too. I think that they are our only family that doesn't have a daughter figure since the School Camping set with Esme Chantilly wasn't available for order and discontinued. Now, nothing against girls, but it's nice to see a family ruled by the boys in our Cloverleaf Corners for once! Poor Myriam. She's going to have her hands full.

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