Huge update, but again it's one of our other collections and not a Calico Critters or Sylvanian Families update. I did tweak a few things here and there on my Calico Critters pages, but nothing that can be noticed by the eye. It was all HTML coding things.

I did notice an oddity about our critters when looking at our critter count. We have 18 father critters, 18 brother critters, and 18 baby boy (crawling and standing) critters. That's really bizarre, I think. What are the chances that they would all align like that?

The real update is Our Fontanini Nativity collection. I think that it added eight new pages to the site and about seventy pictures plus a story for most of the pictures that I had to type from these cards because I thought it would be cool to include them on the site. I've been adding this update over the past couple days slowly typing one more story in these spare few minutes and another in the next few minutes.

A little background information on the Fontanini Nativity (but not too much because I have a little background information on the Fontanini Nativity elsewhere on this web site): the nativity introduces new figurines each year depicting not only those standard Holy family, kings, and shepherds found in nearly all nativities but also the citizens of Bethlehem. Each figure comes with a story card that tells of their virtuous, albeit, fictional life. They are pure sentiment, but I love them just the same. Of course, the collection also features gads of buildings and accessories that insane-pack-rat collectors salivate over while trying to figure out where the money to pay for them is coming from (I'll get a third job!) and where they will be stored (we don't eat in the kitchen anyway so I can tuck those boxes under the table, no one will even know...).

Please, take a look for yourselves at our collection found through the Other Collections page of this site. Decide for yourself, but I think they are lovely. My mother-in-law purchases us most of the new figures we want each Christmas and we've already put together order for this year. And it was my wife, not me, that decided we needed the produce stall...

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