We collect Disney pins too. I've been working on a page on the Other Collections section to share this collection. The pictures are not great so I will have to work on taking some new ones, and I will admit that I have some researching to do with some of the information I posted, but the page is ready to be viewed if you are interested.

This collection is probably my favorite because it holds so many vacation memories for me.

03/10/2012 4:02pm

I love your blog i am a big fan of calico critters i am 11 and i have so
much calico critter stuff. i am geting money so i can buy the camper
well i love your blog so much and you guys have great photos if you
would like to know more about me i have a blog it's called lilmissvsworld.blogspot.com i would love to be friends.

01/22/2013 9:49pm

Cool I love calico critters


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