This is not a Calico Critter or Sylvanian Families update. Sorry. Instead, I have finally gotten pictures of our new American girl doll and outfits taken and posted with the help of my wife. Due to owning an American Girl, I have now learned how to tie a bow tie. One of the outfits comes with a hair ribbon that is tied around the head like a headband, and we were unsuccessful in getting a "pretty" bow with that ribbon until I said, "I bet it's like tying a bow tie." After a few Google searches, a lot of head stratching, and many failed attempts, I finally got a bow that looked pretty decent. Not pretty "pretty" but pretty decent. I'll keep practicing.

We've also decided that our daughter (and mostly me) needed a Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway collection. We (I) bought a few peices and have created a page for that collection on our "Fun Stuff" section of our web site.

Hopefully, I'll get to work on our nativity collection, but I'm not looking forward to opening all of the boxes and unwrapping all of the figures and taking the pictures and rewrapping all of the figures and putting them back into their boxes. It shouldn't take too long, but it will be tedious. That's probably our most expensive collection though, and I keep saying this is web site is partially insurance proof in case our house burns down, so I suppose I should do the work to include the nativity collection. Sigh.

I'm really enjoying working on the American Girl and Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway pages, but it's just not the same as organizing those little critters into pictures.

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