I've also posted a comparison of the two Calico Critters kitchen sets: Kozy Kitchen Set (CC2257) and Deluxe Kitchen Set (CC2267). These two sets are available in the UK as Kozy Kitchen and Cottage Kitchen (a verison with updated colors is called Country Kitchen). The comparison includes side-by-side pictures comparing similar items.

I awarded points to the items that I feel are better. I thought that the final score would be close, but not as close as it was. Of course, the results are only my opinion and I'd love to hear your opinions. What do you think? Which kitchen is better?

Find the comparison of the two kitchens on the "Fan Information" page (click the actual words as a link) of this web site under "Essays" section.

06/15/2011 3:42am

Thanks for your comparison. As a new collector it is really good to see these things side by side so I can make a decision on what I like the most. As you were going through each item I was surprised to see how much more came with the Kozy kitchen, but yet the deluxe set just looks better as a whole.... decisions, decisions!! :)

09/18/2011 10:29am

I agree that the Kozy Kitchen has a lot more detail and thanks to your advice I am 100% sure that that will be the one I will get. The Deluxe has the cups and bowls and I think that that is the only thing that the Kozy kitchen does not have that they should include. The Kozy Kitchen also has the approns and the refrigarater which are nececities.
You are totaly right.


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