I did some Mother's Day shopping today. I bought my wife, or rather Adah bought her mother, three Sylvanian Families sets from the UK website Small Imaginations. I'm happy with the price I paid; the shipping seemed decent. Let's see how quickly my order is processed and delivered.

I ordered the Cycling with Mother set, the Village Postman set, and Scrumptious Sandwich set. I wanted to get more mother/daughter type sets, but my wife didn't have any mother/daughter sets on her list.

I'm doing my best to keep this a surprise. I'm not good at surprises though. We'll see what happens.

04/28/2010 6:14am

How sweet! :-) And if your wife does read this, I bet she'll just pretend she never read it all and act gracious and totally surprised on Mother's Day. (I already know what I am getting, too, heehee!)

05/05/2010 6:25pm

This delivery arrived today. I'm at work, but my mother called to say that it arrived. I can't wait to open the package and see these sets!

05/06/2010 9:38pm

The sets were packaging decently. "Cycling with Mother" was a bit dented, but I'm very pleased with the service Small Imaginations provided. The sets are not opened yet, so I'll be posting about them later.

05/09/2010 10:59am

Happy Mother's Day to your wife, Eric! I hope she loved her gifts. :-) (I thought I knew what I was getting but boy, was I surprised to find more! Yay!)


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