Our first order from sylvanianfamilies.com was delivered today; it shipped on Tuesday and was here in the States in my mailbox four days later. That's crazy fast delivery in my opinion. Everything came in great shape too. I can't find a ding or dent in any of the packages.

The items are pretty sweet from what I can tell. We got the baby's kindergarten dress, boy outfit, summer outfit for father, summer outfit for mother, and summer outfit for sister. I want to try to take pictures of the items in their packages before we open them, so we haven't really gotten a good look at the clothing yet.

I had e-mailed Rocky a few times. It seems that they are going to be updating the sylvanianfamilies.com website in 2011 and will then have the ability to accept paypal. I didn't ask if orders from outside of UK will be able to be placed through the new website, but here's hoping. Just having the ability to pay through paypal is exciting enough news for me.

I'm very pleased after my first experience ordering from sylvanianfamilies.com. Having to do everything through e-mail was pretty awkward, but it has all worked out and only took about a week and a half from beginning the order process with a shipping quote to having the items in hand. I'm still pretty amazed at how quickly the items got here!

04/28/2010 6:08am

Paypal by 2011? I can't wait! I really hope sylvanianfamilies.com improves their business to include foreign orders processing without having to go through cloak-and-dagger procedures.

I'm glad your orders came through without a hitch. Post the pictures please! :-)

04/28/2010 6:09pm

I posted pictures of the outfits in their packages. I'm still hoping to get better pictures when we're back home after the living room ceiling is fixed.


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