Critter Count: 106

I know I'm a day late, but I ended up working at the store yesterday. We're still not in our own house since the living room still does not have a ceiling. A stupid broken pipe is turning into a three week holiday from our house to my parents' house. I wouldn't care if there was work being done in my own house, but it's just been sitting waiting for the contracter to decide he's going to put our ceiling up. *Sigh* All you mothers out there, do except my well wishes for you.

My own wife and daughter's mother seemed to enjoy her new critters; although, I seemed to have enjoy them more. I love the Farthing dog family. Penny and Rally are great. Their box is the one that was a bit dinged and dented, but the Farthing mother and baby boy more than make up for that. They are great. I like the bicycle and I love the bread bag!

Postman Pete is a fun little set. Pete's uniform is really nice, and I really like his stamp and ink pad.

I'll admit that I wasn't and am still not a huge fan of the Scrumptious Sandwiches set. My wife really wanted that set though, and I'm sure that we'll enjoy playing with it when Adah is older. I just wish that there was a table or some kind of counter; of course, then the price would just go up, up, up. And we can always use the dessert counter with dessert sticker firmly attached in place, right?

I'd definitely consider ordering from Small Imaginations again. The shipping was fast, dare I even say faster than shipping from within the States? I would have liked a shipping confirmation e-mail though. The prices were decent, so all-in-all I'm very satisfied with this transaction. I'd recommend them.

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