It's Easter morning, Adah's first Easter morning, and her basket is full of the goodies listed in my last entry plus the Calico Critter Norwood mouse family, two American Girl outfits and a chocolate bunny- all things she's not ready to play with or eat. We'll take a picture so she can see it and appreciate her first Easter basket when she's older.

I was able to fit everything in her basket; I'm quite a packer. It looks amazing too with her Norwood Mouse family and chocolate bunny right in front and Bob Blackerry rabbit peeking up from behind. I can't wait to dig into the sets! (Yes, the basket is more for me, I'm afraid...)

Last night and this morning, I began updating Our Collection page and the Family Album page (found on the Fun Stuff Page) with new information. The pictures are going to be coming soon, and I'll have to check the information I typed against what the sets actually contain.

I do have to say that I like International Playthings Calico Critter packaging better than Flair Sylvanian Families packaging because the Calico Critters boxes give you a list of contents printed right on the underside of the box. There's no guessing conversation between my wife (whom I think doesn't really care...) and myself where I ask about The New Arrival set, "Do you think this is some kind of baby cream or baby food jar?" or Christian Chantilly's set, "Does this look like a book or a magazine?" or the Farmer's Cart and Pony, "Is that lettuce or cabbage; the sign says 'cabbage.'" and "Is that really an onion!?!"

My wife, our daughter, and I hope that everyone, Christian or not, has a great holiday. Here's to more like it. Especially with Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families piled up as presents!

09/28/2012 7:06pm

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