Our daughter, Adah, was born five months ago today. And if you want proof of what kind of child she is, look around this site. Spoiled. Our Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families collection started out being all for her. I will admit that it has since become partially for me.

She's a pretty good baby for us doing her baby stuff quite well. She rolls over one way and is finally starting to roll over the other way with minimal confusion and crying. She drools like a Pavlovian dog and grabbs ahold of my nose. She blows raspberries for at least an hour straight. She sleeps through the night quite easily. She's down to eating only four eight-ounce bottles a day. She's starting to eat cereal, loves to be held in a standing position, and watching Nick Jr. especially Wonder Pets.  Her hair is finally starting to look like hair on her chubby once-baldish head. She now, after her winter hat, loves wearing hats.

If you enjoy this fan site even just a little bit, please take a second to wish its purpose and inspiration a swell day. Always, thanks for visiting.

04/20/2010 5:16am

Happy 5th month, little Adah! You are a lovely little baby. I am sure you make your mom and dad extremely happy every day. Grow up well in God's grace always. Blessings from this side of the world to yours!

04/21/2010 6:48am

Look at all those Easter goodies! She's so lucky and looks absolutely adorable :)


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