Well, I finally did it, and I can't believe what I ordered! After a few e-mails fired out to Rocky, I decided to order five outfits for my wife from sylvanianfamilies.com.  

We ordered:

1. Nursery Uniform for Baby,
2. Outfit & Shoes for Brother,
3. Summer Outfit for Father,
4. Summer Outfit for Mother,
5. Summer Outfit for Sister.

I didn't tell my wife just how much I was spending on these outfits for her, and I don't think I ever will. The way I see it if she wants them, I'll buy them for her. The actual cost was only a bit more than I estimated, but I think my wife (an accountant, no less) would be shocked at what the British pound really converts to in US dollars.

And with every order that I make special for my wife, maybe, just maybe, she'll wear down and let me buy the Riverside Canal Boat for myself (not even going to try to pretend that one's for my daughter)...

04/17/2010 7:59am

I was thinking of doing that too (I've been thinking of getting the koala siblings and maybe some more stuff) but the way they set up international purchase makes me scared that my credit card information will fall into the wrong hands. Do they accept paypal? (Sorry, I forgot to ask.)

Pounds to dollars conversion notwithstanding, I'm sure your wife will love the clothing. I hope you get your Rose of Sylvania too. (Sylvanian City has it on sale, right?)

04/18/2010 4:46pm

I'm not sure if sylvanianfamilies.com accepts paypal; I was going to e-mail them asking, but then I remembered Rocky's suggestion the last time I asked for a cost quote. He said to e-mail pieces of the credit card number over a number of different e-mails. I even used different e-mail addresses. I haven't heard from Rocky yet, and my credit card hasn't been charged (nor are there purchases from someone that hijacked my card number). Hopefully, I hear from him soon.

I'd pay the price that Sylvanian City US has the canal boat for, but we've spent so much on Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters in the last few months that I don't really need that boat yet, and there are so many other sets that we think our daughter would enjoy more. I know we're partly insane trying to guess what our five month old daughter is going to like when she's older, but I think that she'll be happy with the critters we have bought. Who knows?


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