I won the Petite Bear Family and Petite Bear Twins on eBay Thursday evening, and they arrived to me on Saturday morning. After a long Saturday and then an illness that is still lingering, my wife and I finally opened our new goodies last night. What a wonderful family!  Great green clothes and a fun story for each family member. I love them. I almost didn't purchase them because we have a makeshift Petite family made up with figures from ready-to-play sets, but I really wanted a boy Petite so I gave in.

We also got two more Disney pins: Pluto and Goofy (past and present) each showing dedication to D23. D23 is the first official fan community (club) for Disney fans.

And we added some narrow gauge engines to our Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway collection. I honestly think that I may like the narrow gauge engine characters more than the main Thomas engines so this was a pretty exciting buy for me. We also picked up a few cars and a coach: the recycling cars and old slow coach.

All of the collections have been updated across this web site.

10/03/2013 1:03am

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