This was a bit of surprise today. We had a coupon in our e-mail inbox for 20% off any one item at Toys R Us. We talked about what item to get leaning strongly towards something from the Thomas Wooden Railway line, but ultimately we ended up getting the Hopscotch Rabbit Family 20% off. Really nice price, in my opinion.

I love the family. I've read a number of times that the boy Hopscotch rabbits have brown noses and the girls have pink nose, but what a surprise to hold the two different critters in your hands and appreciate the detail in person. Their clothes are amazing too; there are very few loose threads.

I have not been a fan of the idea of Calico Critters in the American Toys R Us market because I was sure that being in bed with a big corporation would result in a lower quality product, but these critters are among the best quality I have in my collection. I'm still nervous about the future of Calico Critters, but I am getting more comfortable with the idea that they are going mainstream.

I have added the family to all of the pages that they should be on: Our Collection and the Family Album.

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