We just got our shipment from Sylvanian City US which was ordered on Saturday; I'm very pleased with their service. A few of the boxes aren't as mint as I might like them, but I don't know where I'd get the prices that they offer on Sylvanian Families. So, all in all, I'm very pleased with them.

The set that we, my wife and I, are most excited about is the Farmer's Cart & Pony (ref. no. 4482). We already had Betty Blackberry and really wanted to add Bob to our collection because my parents' names are Betty and Bob. To have them as a husband and wife in our Cloverleaf Corners is just too much fun. I was very happy that it was back in stock and arrived before Easter. I wish our daughter, Adah, was a bit older so she could appreciate this more.

Also for our daughter's first Easter basket, we bought the current Chantilly family sets: Christian's Bedtime (ref. no. 4332), The New Arrival (ref. no. 4333), and Garden Barbecue (ref. no. 4869). My brother bought the Garden Barbecue for Adah. I really can't wait until Easter Sunday so I can get my own paws on those Chantilly cats. I love them.

I'm sick of having families of six: mother, father, brother, sister, and twins, so I wanted to buy a few critters that would give us some variety. We bought Persian Cat Baby (ref. no. 4473) to finish off our Persis family instead of getting the twins, and we bought Brown Rabbit Grandparents (ref. no. 4120) to give our Hollie Wildwood some family. I thought that the story there would be a granddaughter from out-of-town visiting her grandparents in Cloverleaf Corners.

Finishing off our spoiled daughter's Easter basket (she already has the Norwood Mouse family and some other toys, none of which are age appropraite, in there) is the Dessert Counter Set (ref. no. 4713). Not sure why I wanted it so much, but I did. I really do like the pastery boxes that come with it.

And of course, we had to order a set for each of us "big kids." I really wanted the Dinner Party Set (ref. no. 4705) because I wanted a table service that included plates with food and I liked the table and chairs. My wife wasn't convinced that this was a set that we needed because, you know, a doll's house doesn't need a nice dining room? (Read that last bit with sarcasm, please.) Then out of nowhere, my wife is looking at the Pizza Parlor Set (ref. no. 4493) with a lower lip hanging out. She denies that she was pouting, but I swear that she was. I don't understand how she could protest a dining room, but support a pizza shop. The story ends with the purchase of both items, happily ever after.

03/31/2010 10:10pm

I got the dessert counter, too, to go with my cake shop and it is absolutely lovely! The little treats look good enough to eat. :-)

I think your wife made a good choice with the pizza parlor set. There's another one of its kind, though- the Japanese version, with the groovy red brick oven. Your wife might like it too.

(Advance) Happy Easter to you and your family!

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