Another order came today; I think we're only waiting on one more. That is until Sylvanian City US updates their stock in April.

Today we got the convertible coupe, the Fisher cat twins, the Marmalade bear twins, and the Cottontail rabbit twins. These twin sets almost finish out our current Calico Critters families. We still need the Dalmatian dog twins and the Norwood mouse twins, I think.

I didn't open the sets yet, but our critter count is now 94 as the convertible coupe comes with three Whiskers cats. We're getting close to having our 100th critter; I wonder what he or she will be?
Today two sets of twins joined our Calico Critters collection bringing our total critter count to 85. The new additions are Peaches and Chip Hawthorne hamster (CC1533) and Linda and Skitter Slydale fox (CC1529).

I love the Slydale family so much; I'm glad that we finally broke down and bought the twins. We had said that we were not going to be buying many twins and babies because we thought we didn't need them! Haha. After more discussing, we knew that we had to get them because we didn't want to regret not having them one day... The addiction grows.

And grows. Another shipment is expected tomorrow.
Yesterday, we welcomed our 81st Calico Critter, Cinnamon Hawthorne, into our collection. Of course along with Cinnamon came her parents, Harry and Tilley, and her brother, Rusty.  I wasn't too keen on this hamster family at first; my wife was the one who had wanted them, but I have to say that upon seeing them in person they are quite adorable. Tilley's dress is one of my favorites, and I really like Rusty's green overalls.

We only started collecting last December, but our Cloverleaf Corners seems to be experiencing quite the population boom!