I've been pretty relaxed lately with this blog. We've welcomed a gad of new families to our collection and now our village of Orchard's Keep boasts a population of 202 critters! The families that helped this population boom were the Ellwoods elephants, the Pickleweeds hedgehogs, the Beagle dogs, and a few scatters members of some families from ready-to-play sets.

The family that put us over the two hundred mark was the Caramel cat family. So, congratulations, Carter, Carla, Chris, and Camryn for being the 199th, 200th, 201, and 202th members of our village!
We got our Waddlington duck family! They are a great addition to the collection. The adult figures are amazing, so are their clothing. The babies are cute, but I'm not a fan of the babies since there's not much you can do with them. Also the biographies for the babies make them seem like they're not babies. I'm a fan of the biographies, and when they just don't seem "real" it's a bit upsetting to the collector in me.

Then as a bit of a surprise while shopping yesterday, we found the Persian cat twins from the Calico Critters line. I finally have an American crawling baby boy that is not wearing blue. "Fluffy" is wearing yellow. Now, I do have a problem with the name Fluffy of course. And it doesn't seem like the Persian cat family has a real last name here in the States. It seems that their last name is simply "Persian" much like the dalmatians being the "Dalmatians" and the beagles being the "Beagles."

I'm very happy with the latest seven critters added to our collection nonetheless.