We got our 107th critter yesterday: Esme Chantilly in the Esme's Camping Set from Flair. Having Esme now means that we have completed the Chantilly family, which also means I have now lost my family that did not have a daughter.

I have updated the Our Collection, Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families Ready-to-Play sets page with pictures of Esme and her camping set. I did not yet pull out the rest of the Chantilly family for a new family portrait to be posted on our Family Album page.

Since school has ended for another year and I'm on summer break for three months, I'm actually hoping to take all new pictures of everything we have. I'm not sure how well Adah is going to cooperate with this plan; but, hopefully, I'll get all new pictures posted.

Esme's Camping Set is wonderful, in my opinion. Since we really liked the idea of having a tent, we thought we were going to have to by the ultra-girly camping set with Ingrid Blackberry but were able to find Esme's Camping Set on eBay. I really like the blue tent, and the picnic table is nice two. I really love that my critters can go fishing with the fishing pole!