I've added our third collection: IKEA. My wife and I love IKEA and have furnished much of our house with IKEA products. I decided that I'd keep an inventory of our "collection" on this page mostly for my own amusement.

I'm hoping to take some decent pictures of the house to post on the page too. I'm quite proud of our little house and the way it looks. I was never really able to figure out what my dream house would be, and I would have never imagined that what I got would have turned out to be something that I'm very happy with.

As we were planning our wedding, we bought one side of a double house at a great price but that was insanely outdated. We gutted the majority, dry-walled the lot, painted with some wicked colors, tiled, carpeted, and wood-laminated the floors; it was pretty intense! When we got the furniture in, I have to say that it was a pretty satisfying feeling. Dare I say, "Magical?" I'm really proud of it and just want to keep a record of exactly what IKEA pieces we have for posterity's sake, I guess.
I've added a new section to the Fun Stuff page: Our American Girl Collection. Adah, our daughter, got the Rebecca Rubin doll for Christmas from my mother, and our Kirsten Larson doll that was backordered came this week. I had pictures of Rebecca modeling the clothing that we have so I've decided to expand our web site to include this collection too.

We have a few more pictures to take and retake since we got some more clothing, a dog from Uncle Todd, my brother, and the Kirsten doll.

I also have plans to add a few more of our collections to this site, but I don't want to reveal those until I have them ready.
My wife and I gave up on waiting for the house to be ready. The contractor is taking a long time to get back to us about when he's going to start our new living room ceiling. We decided to move back to the house, so I was finally able to take some pictures of the new items in our collection.

I posted pictures of the sets that my daughter and I gave my wife for Mother's Day. The Cycling with Mother and Village Postman set were posted in the Ready-to-Play set section of our collection, and the Scrumptious Sandwiches set was posted in the Shop Furniture and Accessories set page. I do have to say that the Scrumptious Sandwiches set is growing on me.

I also posted new and, in my opinion, better pictures of the clothing sets that I purchased a few weeks ago for my wife. These can be found on the Clothing and Accessories page of our collection. We're going to be taking pictures of critters dressed in the outfits and adding those pictures to that page within the next few days.
Critter Count: 106

I know I'm a day late, but I ended up working at the store yesterday. We're still not in our own house since the living room still does not have a ceiling. A stupid broken pipe is turning into a three week holiday from our house to my parents' house. I wouldn't care if there was work being done in my own house, but it's just been sitting waiting for the contracter to decide he's going to put our ceiling up. *Sigh* All you mothers out there, do except my well wishes for you.

My own wife and daughter's mother seemed to enjoy her new critters; although, I seemed to have enjoy them more. I love the Farthing dog family. Penny and Rally are great. Their box is the one that was a bit dinged and dented, but the Farthing mother and baby boy more than make up for that. They are great. I like the bicycle and I love the bread bag!

Postman Pete is a fun little set. Pete's uniform is really nice, and I really like his stamp and ink pad.

I'll admit that I wasn't and am still not a huge fan of the Scrumptious Sandwiches set. My wife really wanted that set though, and I'm sure that we'll enjoy playing with it when Adah is older. I just wish that there was a table or some kind of counter; of course, then the price would just go up, up, up. And we can always use the dessert counter with dessert sticker firmly attached in place, right?

I'd definitely consider ordering from Small Imaginations again. The shipping was fast, dare I even say faster than shipping from within the States? I would have liked a shipping confirmation e-mail though. The prices were decent, so all-in-all I'm very satisfied with this transaction. I'd recommend them.