I did some Mother's Day shopping today. I bought my wife, or rather Adah bought her mother, three Sylvanian Families sets from the UK website Small Imaginations. I'm happy with the price I paid; the shipping seemed decent. Let's see how quickly my order is processed and delivered.

I ordered the Cycling with Mother set, the Village Postman set, and Scrumptious Sandwich set. I wanted to get more mother/daughter type sets, but my wife didn't have any mother/daughter sets on her list.

I'm doing my best to keep this a surprise. I'm not good at surprises though. We'll see what happens.
Our first order from sylvanianfamilies.com was delivered today; it shipped on Tuesday and was here in the States in my mailbox four days later. That's crazy fast delivery in my opinion. Everything came in great shape too. I can't find a ding or dent in any of the packages.

The items are pretty sweet from what I can tell. We got the baby's kindergarten dress, boy outfit, summer outfit for father, summer outfit for mother, and summer outfit for sister. I want to try to take pictures of the items in their packages before we open them, so we haven't really gotten a good look at the clothing yet.

I had e-mailed Rocky a few times. It seems that they are going to be updating the sylvanianfamilies.com website in 2011 and will then have the ability to accept paypal. I didn't ask if orders from outside of UK will be able to be placed through the new website, but here's hoping. Just having the ability to pay through paypal is exciting enough news for me.

I'm very pleased after my first experience ordering from sylvanianfamilies.com. Having to do everything through e-mail was pretty awkward, but it has all worked out and only took about a week and a half from beginning the order process with a shipping quote to having the items in hand. I'm still pretty amazed at how quickly the items got here!
Our daughter, Adah, was born five months ago today. And if you want proof of what kind of child she is, look around this site. Spoiled. Our Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families collection started out being all for her. I will admit that it has since become partially for me.

She's a pretty good baby for us doing her baby stuff quite well. She rolls over one way and is finally starting to roll over the other way with minimal confusion and crying. She drools like a Pavlovian dog and grabbs ahold of my nose. She blows raspberries for at least an hour straight. She sleeps through the night quite easily. She's down to eating only four eight-ounce bottles a day. She's starting to eat cereal, loves to be held in a standing position, and watching Nick Jr. especially Wonder Pets.  Her hair is finally starting to look like hair on her chubby once-baldish head. She now, after her winter hat, loves wearing hats.

If you enjoy this fan site even just a little bit, please take a second to wish its purpose and inspiration a swell day. Always, thanks for visiting.
Well, I finally did it, and I can't believe what I ordered! After a few e-mails fired out to Rocky, I decided to order five outfits for my wife from sylvanianfamilies.com.  

We ordered:

1. Nursery Uniform for Baby,
2. Outfit & Shoes for Brother,
3. Summer Outfit for Father,
4. Summer Outfit for Mother,
5. Summer Outfit for Sister.

I didn't tell my wife just how much I was spending on these outfits for her, and I don't think I ever will. The way I see it if she wants them, I'll buy them for her. The actual cost was only a bit more than I estimated, but I think my wife (an accountant, no less) would be shocked at what the British pound really converts to in US dollars.

And with every order that I make special for my wife, maybe, just maybe, she'll wear down and let me buy the Riverside Canal Boat for myself (not even going to try to pretend that one's for my daughter)...
I have updated our collection here on the site with pictures of our daughter's Easter presents. I had to take the pictures twice because I didn't use the correct settings the first time, and I'm still not too happy with a few of them. They'll do for now though. I have also re-organized the Our Collection page into six individual pages: Families, Ready-to-Play sets, Home Furniture sets, Shop Furniture sets, Buildings, and Limited Edition sets. I'm hoping this is going to help the pages load more quickly when I'm editing them. So far, so good.

I have to say that out of our new sets, I think my favorite is the Dessert Counter set. It has such great pieces that are well detailed (of course) and just work together so perfectly that they create a stellar small set.

I have all of our rabbits (Wildwoods! Cottontails! Sparkle! Sunny-Bunny! Snow-Warrens! Blackberrys!) gathered around the farmer's cart and they look pretty nice there hanging out together.

I do have to say that I'm loving my Chantilly cat family too. I think that they are our only family that doesn't have a daughter figure since the School Camping set with Esme Chantilly wasn't available for order and discontinued. Now, nothing against girls, but it's nice to see a family ruled by the boys in our Cloverleaf Corners for once! Poor Myriam. She's going to have her hands full.
It's Easter morning, Adah's first Easter morning, and her basket is full of the goodies listed in my last entry plus the Calico Critter Norwood mouse family, two American Girl outfits and a chocolate bunny- all things she's not ready to play with or eat. We'll take a picture so she can see it and appreciate her first Easter basket when she's older.

I was able to fit everything in her basket; I'm quite a packer. It looks amazing too with her Norwood Mouse family and chocolate bunny right in front and Bob Blackerry rabbit peeking up from behind. I can't wait to dig into the sets! (Yes, the basket is more for me, I'm afraid...)

Last night and this morning, I began updating Our Collection page and the Family Album page (found on the Fun Stuff Page) with new information. The pictures are going to be coming soon, and I'll have to check the information I typed against what the sets actually contain.

I do have to say that I like International Playthings Calico Critter packaging better than Flair Sylvanian Families packaging because the Calico Critters boxes give you a list of contents printed right on the underside of the box. There's no guessing conversation between my wife (whom I think doesn't really care...) and myself where I ask about The New Arrival set, "Do you think this is some kind of baby cream or baby food jar?" or Christian Chantilly's set, "Does this look like a book or a magazine?" or the Farmer's Cart and Pony, "Is that lettuce or cabbage; the sign says 'cabbage.'" and "Is that really an onion!?!"

My wife, our daughter, and I hope that everyone, Christian or not, has a great holiday. Here's to more like it. Especially with Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families piled up as presents!