So I really haven't updated this since September, eh? Well, since then we have added one hundred fifteen critters to our collection with a large helping being Christmas gifts including:

1. the Underwood Badgers
2. the Van Dyke Otters
3. the Pettyfur Guinea Pigs
4. the Nettlefield Goats
5. the Maces Mouse grandparents
6. the Keats Cream Cat grandparents
7. the Tailbury Dog grandparents (from Grandfather at Home Set and Grandmother at Home Set)
8. Uncle Edward Mulberry Raccoon (from the Toymaker's Set)
9. Alex Caramel, Honey Hopscotch, and  a Slydale Santa brother (from the Merry Christmas- Santa and Babies)
12. and three fairies (from the Japanese Drop Fairy Set, Mushroom Fairy Set, and Strawberry Fairy Set)

Shortly after the holiday, we found crazy deals on Calico Critters at Geddie's Toys online, so we added:

1. Patty, Paden, and Penny Guinea Pig (from the Patty and Paden's Double Stroller Ride Set)
2. Susie Silky Cat (from the Let's Go Camping Set)
3. Stacy Bunny and Molly Mouse (from the Molly Mouse and Stacy Bunny Cheerleading Set)
4. Britney Bunny (from the Britney Bunny's Ballet Set)
5. Camryn Caramel Cat (from the Camryn's Country Boutique Set)
6. Melanie Mason Mouse, Laurel Mason Mouse, and Sparkly Huckleberry Dog (from the Melanie and Sparky have a Play Date Set)
7. Rikki and Magnolia Milky Mouse (from the Rikki and Magnolia Shopping Trip Set)
8. the Sugar Bear twins
9. the Milky Mouse twins
10. the Yellow Labrador family

And yesterday Jane and Drake Francis Seadog arrived from the Sylvanian Club in the UK as our club renewel figures gift. I love them so much because now I know that Horatio is happy to have his family around him (and it seem

We also picked up a few accessories sets:

1. Bedside Table and Accessories
2. Shoe Rack
3. School Toilets
4. Drawing Room Set
5. Stable and Pony
6. Baby Jungle Gym

All of the sets have been photographed and inventoried on the collection section of our webpage so enjoy yourself as you look around!

Also in November, I published the first four stories about Orchard's Keep, my Sylvanian village. The stories feature the four boys that you see at the top of my web site: Gromwell Cottontail, Peter Pigglywink, Buster Slydale, and Winton Lambrook. Hopefully, I'll get some more stories written soon, but for you can read what's written on the "A Calico Town" page.

There were many other updates over the last few months too. I know that I just made the International Playthings Calico Critters Checklist current and up-to-date, and I added two more ready-to-play set storybook scans to the "fan information" page. Let's see... I'm not sure what else you'll find, but I bet you you'll enjoy yourselve while you're looking around.

Here's hoping for more Calico fun through 2011!