Yesterday, we finally got our Main Street General Store (CC1606). We had ordered it from eBay, and I seriously thought that I had finally fallen victim to eBay fraud because the package took longer than expected to arrive. I love the set, but I do have to say that I'm glad we got the deal-of-a-price that we did for it; I'd have been disappointed if we spend the retail price for the set.

Along with the General Store structure, a few items for the store shelves, and gads of magazines and books came Mother Sparkle rabbit. I'm not sure if she's a hippie or what with the name "Mother Sparkle," but she is rather endearing.

I'm just sad that this is another husbandless critter. Calico Critters really needs to step it up and release some ready-to-play sets that include father figures.

My Captain Horatio Seadog is quite the popular bachelor with all of the single ladies in our Cloverleaf Corners: Betty Blackberry, Shannon Snow-Warren, Mother Sparkle, Katrina Whiskers, Margaret Petite, and, of course, crazy Caroline Cottontail who runs around town in a wedding dress with no fiance in sight!

Hopefully, Bob Blackberry and his Farmers Cart will be back in stock in April at Sylvanian City US. Fingers crossed, eh?

03/29/2010 9:07am

I'm not quite sure that Captain Seadog makes for such a ladies' man. I think he prefers the life of a solitary dog at sea.

03/29/2010 8:33pm

Agreed, but in a town where all of the other men are taken, those lonely ladies are going to try to sway the stoic captain. Especially, Caroline Cottontail...


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